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Good for Humans. Better for Our Planet ™

Plant-based. Powder. Pure. Powerful. Plastic-free.

Made in USA. Waterless Tech™

100% Natural. No Silicones. No Synthetic Fragrance. No Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. 🐰No Animal Testing

Enzyme-infused Powder Face Wash (Value Pack)

For Normal, Oily or Acne-prone Skin

This 100% plant-based enzyme 2-in-1 cleanser-and-exfoliator has zero water footprint, making it the perfect companion for those who want a fuss-free pH-balanced face wash.  

Our water-activated powder formula works for normal, oily or acne-prone skin. The vegan ingredients are gentle enough for adults, teens and even tweens.

This award-winning value pack is a cult favorite, approved by beauty experts as well as healthcare professionals! It just proves that you don't have to pay luxury prices for products that actually work! Each bottle is 30g (60 to 90 washes).

Initial Bottle
Aluminium Bottle
Exclusive Festive Edition

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Global Citizenship
We believe to be human is to be a force for good. Our mission is to eliminate plastics and reduce CO2 emissions in the personal care industry, one wash at a time.
Tradition and Technology
We are inspired by time-honored wellness wisdom. Anhydrous (waterless) formulas have existed in Asia for thousands of years. Our Waterless Tech® formulas are high performance yet low waste.
Pure and Powerful
Our bottles of powder ingredients are pure, gentle, and effective. Our essential oil aromas help elevate a daily wash routine into a wellness ritual for your body, mind, and spirit to achieve greater harmony.
Plant-based and Natural. Powder Pure. Supernatural scent.
NO harmful chemicals for humans & our planet.
Acerola Cherry Extract
Thanaka Bark Powder
Zinc PCA
Lavender Essential Oil
Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract

Our innovative Waterless Tech™ personal care help you do more with less. They work together to help you restore harmony from body to soul, without polluting our planet. We use only safe, high performance nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients. Our multi-tasking powder formulas are gentle yet effective. Each formula is carefully crafted using time-honored botanicals listed below:

  1. Malpighia Glabra Fruit Extract (Acerola Cherry) is a superfood for your skin. It reduces oxidative stress from environmental free radicals. The acerola cherry enzymes can also help to dissolve lifeless and dull skin cells.
  2. Limonia Acidissima Bark Powder (Thanaka) is an ancient secret from Thailand and Myanmar. It is known for its natural anti-bacterial beauty benefits. Thanaka helps to remove excessive oil from the skin surface.
  3. Niacinamide Vitamin B3 (3%) is proven to improve the appearance of pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness and a weakened skin surface. It also targets sebum to promote skin clarify. The best thing about niacinamide is how well-tolerated it is for everyone, including those with sensitive skin.
  4. Zinc PCA is a naturally occurring mineral ion that treats acne effectively because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Many scientific research studies confirmed that Zinc PCA is great oily to acne-prone skin. It also reduces inflammation and redness that comes along with acne.
  5. Lavandula Angustifolia Oil Lightly infused with lavender essential oil (0.2%) to help clam the mind and body.
  6. Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract is a star antioxidant ingredient from South Korean. It acts as a hydrating ingredient to soothe compromised skin. It is also known for its soothing anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its active compounds, including madecassoside, which serves as an antioxidant. It is a rich source of amino acids which help soothe upset or compromised skin. Even very low amounts between 0.2–0.5% can improve the skin’s barrier by encouraging ceramide NS, one of the “mortar substances” that keep skin’s surface smooth and intact.

  • Why is the brand called BHUMAN? At BHUMAN, we believe humans can be a force for good. We dream of a cleaner, more beautiful world where sustainability and style can go hand in hand. Small acts, when multiplied by millions, can change the world. So join us on this journey to be human.
  • How do you pronounce BHUMAN? The name BHUMAN is pronounced as Be Human.
  • Why powder? Do you know that personal care products are made up of 80% to 95% water? Water is an inexpensive filler that is readily available from the tap
    1. Our powder is a concentrate, without water fillers
      Conventional brands add water to liquid products, and the water does not enhance the formula in anyway. On the contrary, you need a larger quantity of liquid for a single wash, because it has been diluted by water.
      BHUMAN uses proprietary Waterless Tech™ to create a pure powder concentrate. You end up paying only for the ingredients, not cheap water fillers.
    2. Powder is 90% lower in CO2 emissions
      Water is heavy to transport. According to the US EPA, transportation mainly comes from burning fossil fuels in cars, trucks, ships, trains, and planes. It is the #1 contributor to CO2 emissions.
      When you wash, you still need to use water to wet your hair or skin to lather the product.
      Why then are brands shipping water – the #1 ingredient in most liquid personal care – in single-use plastics around the world to us? This simply didn’t make sense to us.
  • How much should I use?
    Each bottle comes with a reusable EasyPour™ flip cap.
    1. Always start with very wet hair.
    2. Flip open the EasyPour™ flip cap, pour out 0.5 grams (1 shake or the same quantity as a pinch of salt) onto a wet palm.
    3. Wet the other palm. Rub your hands together to water-activate the powder. The powder will magically transform into a light lather.
    4. Apply the foam gently to face. Use a foaming net if desired to create more foam. Double cleanse if needed.
    5. Rinse well. Follow immediately by a moisturizer.
  • How many washes can I expect from a bottle? Our 30 grams bottle can last up to 60 to 90 washes, which means you only need to buy a new bottle every 2 to 3 months. That’s why we received the third-party certification for “Compact by Design” and “Climate Pledge Friendly”. Our unit efficiency is superior and helps reduce greenhouse emissions by at least 90%.
  • Where is this made? Thailand
  • What is the expiration date? The shelf life is 24 months after opening. For best results, keep the bottle in a dry and cool environment so the contents remain fresh and dry.
  • What are the fragrance ingredients made of? Essential oils
  • Are your products unisex? Can teenagers or young children use this? Yes, it is made for everyone, especially those with oily and acne-prone skin. It is also suitable for teens and tweens.
    • Always store out of reach of children and close the cap tightly after use.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?
    It is generally recommended to avoid certain essential oils during pregnancy. We recommend consulting with your doctor to ensure the products you use are safe to use during pregnancy.
    We are looking to develop unscented options that are free of fragrance and essential oils if there is enough demand.
  • Are your products vegan and cruelty free? Yes, our products are both vegan and cruelty-free. All our products are made without any animal-derived ingredients and are ingredients and finished products not tested on animals.
  • Are your products free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones? Yes, our products are proudly free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.
  • Can I add water to the powder in the bottle and create a pre-mix? No. We don't recommend this.
    The powder works best being activated between wet hands, then used on very wet hair. Mixing water with the powder in the bottle won’t get you a liquid product and over time it would create a ripe environment for bacteria, yeast, and mold to grow.
  • Are your products TSA travel friendly? Yes, they all are! Our compact powder wash is light, mess-free, and leak-proof. Simply bring it with you in your cabin bag or check-in luggage. That said, you could easily travel with our powder wash for an impromptu weekend getaway.
    In the United States, TSA does not allow passengers to bring more than 350 grams (12 ounces) of powder in a carry-on bag. There is no limit for powder in a checked bag in the United States. You can read more about the TSA policies here.
  • Do you offer any sample sizes of your products?
    No, we currently do not offer any samples.
  • How often can I reuse the aluminum packaging?
    Aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material. In some areas where we have refillery partners, and the bulk refill is available in powder format, you can head to that retail partner with your clean and dry bottle to refill the bottle. You can reuse the bottle again and again.
  • How do I recycle your aluminum bottles? Disassemble and keep the flip cap, it can be reused. You can simply toss your aluminum bottle into your curbside recycling bin, along with other aluminum soda cans.

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